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World Rugby announces historic agreement on long-term calend

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Re: World Rugby announces historic agreement on long-term ca

Postby victorsra » Tue, 06 Nov 2018, 23:48

Yep, Braziil uses the Civil Law, with German and French influences. Loaded with Latin :p
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Re: World Rugby announces historic agreement on long-term ca

Postby TheStroBro » Wed, 07 Nov 2018, 02:56

RugbyLiebe wrote:
TheStroBro wrote:When a middling NBAer makes more than the Entire Bath roster I wouldn't call that wage suppression.

NBA is probably the worst example you could bring up as the whole roster is 17 players and they are able to play 82+ games per season. But if you compare this one with the NBA income you could actually call even that a wage surpression.

And remember that European numbers are not phantasy digits for the fringe players, like in the US. In the USA you tell one number and then the big BUT arrives which always reduces your real income significantly. If your contract says 200k pre taxes, in Europe that's what you get. Pacta sunt servanda. And that's what Blurandski probably means with wage surpression.

Eh...it's actually not. Owners own. So a 50-50 split of revenues is beyond equitable since the players don't pay the wages of any of the other employees.


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