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Youth development in your countries

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Youth development in your countries

Postby Scoob » Fri, 14 Apr 2017, 20:24

I was just wondering whats the youth development like in your countries,and is it improving every year or is it going backwards.Whats the funding like?
In the tier 2 nations the way i see it as a rough guide
Georgia are going great guns and getting better and better.
Russia are steadily improving,they have a big area which to choose players which makes life tricky.There is potential.
Romania. Seems to be going backwards and are getting beaten regularly by 7-8 non 6 nations teams now.
Spain. Wheels are beginning to spin again after few stagnant years.7s at the Olympics has helped promotion i think.
Portugal. They are an enigma to me.Up and down like a yoyo.
Holland. Showing signs last few years of massive potential.Like all nations it wont happen overnight.
Germany. The sleeping giant of Europe.Has the most to gain in both development and financial reward.
Belgium.Somehow needs to find a way to develop and not be middle ranked against the giant nations around them and to bring there rugby forward,it can be done by small nations as Georgia has shown.
Canada. Dont know to much but appear to be in a right mess about development everywhere.Needs to get the right people running the game there.
USA.school studies mixed against national pride of wearing the jersey and who pays for rugby camps are stumbling blocks going forward
Brazil.Coming on in a big way now with massive improvement taking place.Still behind the above nations,but not for much longer you would think.

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Re: Youth development in your countries

Postby victorsra » Fri, 14 Apr 2017, 22:29

Brazil.Coming on in a big way now with massive improvement taking place.Still behind the above nations,but not for much longer you would think.

We have seen a big development of TAG (non-contact) rugby in schools, boosted by the Brazilian Rugby Union and a couple of private and public social projects, like SESI's Try Rugby (Premiership partners), SESC, HURRA!, VOR, Rugby é nossa Paixão, Rugby para Todos, OneRio, Vinhedo, Americana, São José and Jacareí municipal programs, the Rio 2016 Impact Beyond program. Brazilian schools don't have fields with grass, just indoor spaces for sport (that's why we created futsal).

But we have a deep lack of competitve full-contact youth rugby:

- There isn't any youth national competition.

- The only competitions are organized by the state unions, and just a few states can sustain 15-a-side youth tournaments: São Paulo has U19 (with just 5 clubs), U17 (4 clubs) and U15 (5 clubs). Rio Grande do Sul has U19, 6 clubs. Paraná and Rio de Janeiro have U19s too (about 3 clubs each). This means no U19, U17 or U15 team plays more than 10 competitive matches durng the year.

- In the other hand we have a well developed high performance academies (6 of them, 3 full high performance and 3 development), with interacademy development matches (that can be considered a national competition).

- We have never beaten Uruguay or Chile in under age rugby. That's the most necessary step to do now for the Brazilian national teams.

This means, we have good development in TAG Rugby and in High Performance Academies, but we don't have sustainable youth club rugby. We have just the two extremes of the pyramide. The challenge is to be able to do the transition from schools TAG rugby to club rugby and develop a sustainable club environment.
Brazilian Rugby News: www.portaldorugby.com.br

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