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Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 25 May 2014, 17:46

According do CBRu (Brazilian Rugby Confederation) and IRB, Brazil has more than 16.000 players (certainly it's more, due to many informal clubs). In 2014, CBRu facebook page reached more than 90.000 "likes", and according to a Portal do Rugby census there are rugby more than 300 clubs, spread all over the 27 Brazilian states.

CBRu has 6 state federations that are full members: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul federations (unions). There are many other federations that are recognized, but without the same status. It's the case of federations from Pernambuco, Bahia, Distrito Federal, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Rio Grande do Norte and Amazonas, that organize some small state competitions.

A little summary Brazilian competitions-system:

From February/March to June: State/Regional Championships
From July to October/November: National Championships
From November to February: seven-a-side

XVs competitions
Super 10 - Brazilian Championship: 10 clubs in 2014 (8 from 2015)
2014: São José (São José dos Campos, SP), SPAC (São Paulo, SP), Pasteur (São Paulo, SP), Bandeirantes Saracens (São Paulo, SP), Rio Branco (São Paulo, SP), Niterói(Niterói, RJ), Curitiba (Curitiba, PR), Desterro (Florianópolis, SC), Farrapos (Bento Gonçalves, RS) and Alecrim (Natal, RN).

National Second Division: Yet to be confirmed. Proposal: 2 groups of 6 clubs each, restricted to clubs from the 6 major state federations.
South Group: Charrua (Porto Alegre, RS), Brummers (Novo Hamburgo, RS), BC Rugby (Balneário Camboriú, SC), Tapera (Itapema, SC), Londrina (Londrina, PR) and Maringá (Maringá, PR).

Southeast Group: Jacareí (Jacareí, SP), Poli (São Paulo, SP), Rio Rugby (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Guanabara (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), BH Rugby (Belo Horizonte, MG) and Varginha (Varginha, MG)

Copa do Brasil (third tier): Yet to be confirmed. A national cup open to other states' clubs

Major state championships
Campeonato Paulista (São Paulo Championship): 3 divisions + others
First Division with 8 clubs: São José (São José dos Campos), SPAC (São Paulo), Pasteur (São Paulo), Bandeirantes Saracens (São Paulo), Rio Branco (São Paulo), Jacareí (Jacareí), Poli (São Paulo) and Wallys (Jundiaí and Louveira region)

2nd division with 9 clubs: Ilhabela (Ilhabela), Tornados (Indaiatuba), União Rugby Alphaville (Barueri), Corinthians (São Paulo, training in Barueri), Urutu (São Paulo), Palestra/Templários (São Bernardo do Campo), FEA (São Paulo), Tigres (São Paulo) and Lechuza (Itu and Sorocaba region)

3rd division with 14 clubs: Piratas (Americana), Jequitibá (Campinas), São Carlos (São Carlos), ABC (Santo André), Jaguars (Jaguariúna), Cougars (Vinhedo), Armada (Santos), Portuguesa (São Paulo and Guarulhos), Tatuapé (São Paulo), Pirituba (São Paulo), São Bento (São Paulo), União (São Paulo), SP Barbarians (São Paulo) and Medicina (São Paulo).

Other competitions: Campeonato Paulista do Interior, Copa Central (both for clubs from cities far from São Paulo City), Liga do Vale (for clubs from Vale do Paraíba region) and Campeonato Paulista Universitário (Varsity championship)

Campeonato Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro Championship): 2 divisions
First Division with 6 clubs: Niterói (Niterói), Rio Rugby (Rio de Janeiro), Guanabara (Rio de Janeiro), Volta Redonda (Volta Redonda), Itaguaí (Itaguaí) and Maxambomba (Nova Iguaçu)

Campeonato Mineiro (Minas Gerais Championship): 2 divisions
First Division with 10 clubs: BH Rugby, BH Rugby "B" (Belo Horizonte), Varginha (Varginha), Taurus (Uberaba), Uberlândia (Uberlândia), Montes Claros (Montes Claros), Inconfidentes (Ouro Preto), JF Rugby (Juiz de Fora), Campo Belo (Campo Belo) and Nova Lima (Nova Lima)

Campeonato Paranaense
(Paraná Championship): 1 division
6 clubs: Curitiba (Curitiba), Urutau (Curitiba), Londrina (Londrina), Maringá (Maringá), Lobo Bravo (Guarapuava) and Toledo (Toledo)

Campeonato Catarinense (Santa Catarina Championship): 2 divisions
First Division with 4 clubs: Desterro (Florianópolis), BC Rugby (Balneário Camboriú), Tapera (Itapema) and Brusque (Brusque)

Campeonato Gaúcho (Rio Grande do Sul Championship): 3 divisions
First Division with 6 clubs: Farrapos (Bento Gonçalves), Charrua (Porto Alegre), San Diego (Porto Alegre), Brummers (Novo Hamburgo), Serra (Caxias do Sul) and Centauros (Estrela)

Minor state championships
Campeonato Potiguar (Rio Grande do Norte championship*): 1 division
3 clubs: Alecrim (Natal), Caicó (Caicó) and Garous (João Pessoa, PB**)
*Breakaway from Liga Nordeste
**Garous is from Paraíba state

Campeonato Pernambucano (Pernambuco championship): 1 division, played with reduced time
4 clubs: Náutico/Paulista (Recife metro area), Bastardos (Recife), Talleres (Recife) and Alecrim (Natal, RN)

Copa Velho Chico (Bahia Championship): 1 division, with just semifinals and final
4 clubs: Orixás (Salvador), Quibaana (Senhor do Bonfim), Ymborés (Vitória da Conquista) and Toruks (Porto Seguro)

Campeonato Sul-Matogrossense (Mato Grosso do Sul championship): 1 division, played with reduced time
4 clubs: Campo Grande (Campo Grande), Guaicurus (Três Lagos), Corumbá (Corumbá) and Dourados (Dourados)

Major regional leagues (clubs from more than one state)
Liga Nordeste (Northeast Region League): clubs from Pernambuco (PE), Bahia (BA), Alagoas (AL), Sergipe (SE), Ceará (CE), Piauí (PI) and Maranhão (MA) states

Group A: Maranhão (São Luis, MA), Sampaio Correa (São Luis, MA) and Piauí (Teresina, PI)
Group B: Parnaíba (Parnaíba, PI), Asa Branca (Fortaleza, CE) and Centuriões (Fortaleza, CE)
Group C: Naútico/Paulista (Recife metro area, PE) and Maceió/Arapiraca (Maceió and Arapiraca, AL)
Group D: Orixás (Salvador, BA) and Sergipe (Aracaju, SE)

Copa Centro-Oeste (Center-West regional league): clubs from Distrito Federal (DF), Goiás (GO), Mato Grosso do Sul (MS) and Mato Grosso (MT) states
Pantanal Group: Cuiabá (Cuiabá, MT), Primavera (Primavera do Leste, MT), Campo Grande (Campo Grande, MS) and Guaicurus (Três Lagoas, MS)
Cerrado Group: Goianos (Goiânia, GO), Brasília (Brasilia, DF) and Rugby Sem Fronteiras (Sobradinho, DF)

Copa Norte (Northern regional cup): clubs from Amazonas (AM) and Rondônia (RO) states
Clubs: GRUA (Manaus, AM), Guerreiros Korubo (Manaus, AM), Picanhas (Manaus, AM) and Porto Velho (Porto Velho, RO)

- Espírito Santo state organized in 2011 a local championship with 3 clubs, Vitória, Guarapari and Vila Velha, but it was discontinued. In 2013 Vitória played last year Rio's second division. Now they are without XVs competitions. It's odd that the first Rugby League clubs in Brazil were founded this year in Espirito Santo cities of Baixo Guandu and Serra;
- Acemira, from Belém (Pará state), plays regularly XVs against Maranhão and French Guyana clubs, but is also without regular competition;
- Campeonato Brasiliense (Brasilia XVs championship) was played in 2013 with 3 clubs, Brasilia, Rugby Sem Fronteiras and Candango, but Candango folded and the competition was not continued in 2014;
- Tocantins clubs Palmas and Mutuca Gurupi play an anual match called David Morrell Cup;
- Makuxi, from Boa Vista (Roraima state) state, played their first XVs match early this year;
- The two last states to have rugby are Acre and Amapá, that started their first clubs in 2014.

more soon :D
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Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 25 May 2014, 20:52

List of cities (municipalities, without suburban areas) with more clubs with active men's XVs sides (including varsity sides and clubs outside official competitions, but with regular matches):

1 - São Paulo: 23
2 - Rio de Janeiro: 5
3 - Porto Alegre: 3
Manaus: 3
Recife: 3
Fortaleza: 3

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Tue, 17 Jun 2014, 04:28

New second division name confirmed: Taça Tupi (Tupi Trophy)

Group South: Charrua, Brummers, Serra, BC Rugby, Londrina and Maringá
Group Southeast: Jacareí, Poli, Rio Rugby, Guanabara, BH Rugby and Varginha

Starts on July 26th

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Tue, 17 Jun 2014, 08:35

I noticed beach rugby was pretty big in Rio. Also, skill levels looked pretty high. When I stopped to talk to one of the coaches, he turned out to be French and told me a lot of the players out there were from Argentina and elsewhere. I don't know whether it was part of some training camp or an organized league.

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Thu, 19 Jun 2014, 14:45

There is no Beach Rugby league or circuit in Brazil, just some tournaments. The biggest one is Rio International Beach Rugby, played in January by many Brazilian sides and some other international teams (mostly argentineans). But it is completely for fun. The other three good beach rugby tournaments are in Ilhabela (São Paulo northern coast), Vitória (Espírito Santo) and Florianopolis.

Some Rio clubs usualy have training sessions in the beach. Perhaps you refer to this. Rio Rugby and Guanabara are the major Rio's clubs and play national second division. Rio Rugby is regarded as the "British" club and Guanabara as the "French" club, due to expats influence. But both have much more Brazilians than expats...

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 29 Jun 2014, 15:17

São Paulo Championship
Final standings
1 - São José - 7 matches, 31 points
2 - Bandeirantes Saracens - 29 p.
3 - SPAC - 22 p.
4 - Pasteur - 20 p.
5 - Poli - 10 p.
6 - Wallys Jundiaí - 8 p.
7 - Rio Branco - 7 p.
8 - Jacareí - 5 p.

São José vs Pasteur
Bandeirantes Saracens vs SPAC

Relegation Semifinals

Poli vs Jacareí
Wallys vs Rio Branco

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 29 Jun 2014, 15:23

Brazilian men's sevens nations team has now a Argentinean-Pladar-like program. 20 players were "centralized", i. e. professionalized. They will all live in São José dos Campos and train daily in CBRu's training center, playing just a few matches for their clubs. The activities begin in July.

The chosen players are:
André Luis Nascimento Silva (SPAC), Arthur Bonfim Bergo (SPAC), Bruno Garcia Silva (Jacareí), Diego Martins Gimenez Lopez (Pasteur), Felipe Claro Sant'Ana Silva (SPAC), Felipe Oliveira Bicudo (Curitiba), Fernando Portugal (São José), Frederico Cândido Costa (BH Rugby), Gabriel Bolzan Motta (Charrua), Gustavo Barreiros de Albuquerque (Curitiba), Jefferson Felisberto (São José), Jose Vitor Silva Barbosa (São José), Lucas Domingues (São José), Lucas Drudi Romeu (Jacareí), Lucas Rodrigues Duque (São José), Marco Antonio Cervi (Desterro), Martin Schaefer (SPAC), Pedro Henrique Lopes (São José), Rodrigo Andrioli (Chapecó), Thiago Maihara (Pasteur).

Other players were also nominated to high performance program, as they opted not to join the professionalized group (due to better-paid job, university or family issues). These non-professionals that will train regularly with the professional group are:

Moisés Duque (São José), Rodolfo Marue Kirch Sampaio Veiga (Desterro), Allan Josefh Martins (SPAC), Erick Monfrinatti Cogliandro (São José), Lucas Amadeu Muller (Desterro), Diogo Borges (São José), Daniel Gregg (Niterói).

And Brazilian men's sevens has a new coach: Andrés Romagnoli, former Pumas 7s coach.

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 29 Jun 2014, 16:13

You may be able to shed some light on thus. Evidently there's a bloke by the name of Dave Harvey over there in Brasil trying to crack inti the national 7s setup. He qualifies via his mother evidently. Quite a good player. Never quite managed to make a fist of it professionally but plays a high standard of club rugby here in Sydney ( top club comp in Aus). Any idea on how he's going?

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 29 Jun 2014, 16:25

I believe heard about him, but as far as I know CBRu couldn't afford (justify) his travel expanses. Is he already in Brasil?

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Mon, 30 Jun 2014, 06:21

Victor, is Canterbury RFU NZ still working with CBRu or has the agreement been thrown in the garbage bin?

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Tue, 01 Jul 2014, 02:52

YK, yes, Brent Frew is still Brazil's XV coach and Chris Neil women's coach. Both from Crusaders. And Andrés Romagnoli, new men's sevens coach, was hired by Crusaders to work in Brazil.

Looks like Harvey is already in Brazil and will take part in training sessions.

The interesting news is that Ade Gardner, English rugby league player, that was England's wing during 2008 Rugby League World Cup and now plays for Hull Kingston Rovers, contacted CBRu. He is now 31 years old and wants to play the Olympics, as his mother is Brazilian. Also his brother Mat Gardner also wants to play the Olympics. Now I believe it's not possible for Ade because he is commited to Hull KR and Super League ends just in October. But I think it's a strong possibility to see him ending his rugby league career next year to play for Brazilian sevens.

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Tue, 01 Jul 2014, 03:21

BBC reported the Ade Gardner story as well: http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/rugby-league/27996607

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Tue, 01 Jul 2014, 04:17

Paulista Championship
São José 23 vs 07 Pasteur
Bandeirantes Saracens 07 vs 33 SPAC

Relegation Semifinals
Poli 16 vs 21 Jacareí
Wallys 10 vs 37 Rio Branco

Copa Centro-Oeste
Cuiabá 03 vs 13 Goianos

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sat, 12 Jul 2014, 17:34

Paulista Championship
Final: São José 6 x 3 SPAC - São José 10th title in last 11 years...

3rd place: Band Saracens 29 x 8 Pasteur
5th place: Jacareí 23 x 10 Rio Branco
7th place: Poli 20 x 14 Wallys

Final Standings
1 - São José - champions
2 - SPAC
3 - Bandeirantes Saracens
4 - Pasteur
5 - Jacareí
6 - Rio Branco
7 - Poli
8 - Wallys - relegated

FYI, São Paulo's second division runs until october. Tornados Indaiatuba and Lechuza are equal in first place, followed by FEA, Urutu, URA and Ilhabela. Corinthians is just 7th (from 9 clubs, just better than Templários and Tigres)... Corinthians has now a partnership with Barueri municipality and is called Corinthians Barueri Rugby.

Fluminense Championship (Rio de Janeiro Championship)
Final: Niterói 15 x 24 Guanabara - Guanabara champions (for the 2nd time in history)
3rd place: Rio Rugby 34 x 10 Volta Redonda
5th place: Itaguaí 73 x 14 Maxambomba

Final Standings
1 - Guanabara - champions
2 - Niterói
3 - Rio Rugby
4 - Volta Redonda
5 - Itaguaí
6 - Maxambomba - relegated

Gaúcho Championship (Rio Grande do Sul Championship)
Round-robin just
1 - Farrapos - 50 points - incredible performance with 10 victories by bonus-point in 10 matches - 5th title
2 - Serra - 28 p.
3 - San Diego - 25 p.
4 - Charrua - 21 p.
5 - Brummers - 18 p.
6 - Centauros - 0 p. - relegated

Super 10 - Brazilian Championship
1st Round - July 19th
Pasteur x Desterro, in Indaiatuba (Pasteur opted to move the match from São Paulo to Indaiatuba)
Band Saracens x Rio Branco, in São Paulo
Farrapos x Armstrong Dragons*, in Bento Gonçalves
São José x Curitiba, in São José dos Campos
SPAC x Niterói, in São Paulo

*Alecrim changed their name to Armstrong Dragons, due to new sponsorship)

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sat, 12 Jul 2014, 20:02

just one question: soccer scores also written like this 3 x 1 in Brazil?

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sat, 12 Jul 2014, 21:18

just one question: soccer scores also written like this 3 x 1 in Brazil?

Yes, all sports. But 3-1 is also possible. "X" is the most common.

Paranaense Championship (Paraná)
Final: Curitiba 67 x 0 Maringá
3rd place: Londrina 21 x 13 Urutau

Final stadings
1 - Curitiba - champions
2 - Maringá
3 - Londrina
4 - Urutau
5 - Lobo Bravo
6 - Toledo

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sat, 12 Jul 2014, 21:25

FLIDTA RISXVA wrote:just one question: soccer scores also written like this 3 x 1 in Brazil?

Brasil 1X7 Alemanha : :D

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 13 Jul 2014, 02:35

So How come Niteroi stays in the Brazilian Championship since they lost Fluminense league? Did Guanabara refuse their invitation?

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 13 Jul 2014, 13:16

Super 10 has nothing to do with state championships. There is promotion and relegation just like any European or Argentinean club leagues. State championship are qualifiers to second division. Niterói was not relegated last year, so they stayed in Super 10. Guanabara will play this year's second division (the new Taça Tupi "Tupi Trophy").

As for 2015 Super 10 will be reduced to Super 8, with 2 sides relegated. The 8th placed will face Taça Tupi's champions in a promotion/relegation playoff. I'm afraid for Rio Branco and Niterói, both are strong relegation candidates, together with the newcomer Armstrong Dragons.

FYI, Taça Tupi's sides were confirmed, with clubs just from 6 states starting on July 26th:

South Group: Charrua, Serra, Brummers, BC Rugby, Maringá and Londrina (San Diego and Tapera had their places denied by CBRu and Brusque refused the invitation)

Southeast Group: Jacareí, Poli, Guanabara, Rio Rugby, BH Rugby and Varginha

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 13 Jul 2014, 13:31

And a curiosity about Wallys Rugby. They were relegated to São Paulo's second division after some good matches. It's a promising club founded in 2004 that started a junior project now. The funny thing is their name. Wallys is a joke about their uniform, that looks like the cartoon "Where is Wally?" :lol: Image

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Tue, 15 Jul 2014, 11:19

Just a piece of news i couldn't see mentioned here but Juliano Fiori who is Richmond's ( Nat 1 , England) most long serving senior player and who has played for london irish and apache in the 7's series in England featured for Brazil in the Rome 7s.

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Fri, 18 Jul 2014, 16:36

IRB article on CBRu's food-for-tickets scheme at South American Championship games:

http://www.irb.com/newsmedia/regional/n ... bys+values

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 20 Jul 2014, 01:29

Super 10
1st round
Bandeirantes Saracens 55 (BP) x 24 (BP) Rio Branco, in São Paulo
Pasteur 8 (BP) x 11 Desterro, in São Paulo
SPAC 62 (BP) x 5 Niterói, in São Paulo
São José 18 x 11 (BP) Curitiba, in São José dos Campos
Farrapos 25 (BP) x 10 Armstrong Dragons, in Bento Gonçalves

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 20 Jul 2014, 09:44

are these games streamed somewhere?

Re: Rugby in Brazil

Sun, 20 Jul 2014, 13:51

not yet... but negotiations are underway :D
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