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New U20 tournament for 6 Nations, Georgia, Romania

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Re: New U20 tournament for 6 Nations, Georgia, Romania

Postby GeoRugby » Sun, 16 Jul 2017, 14:05

This being said, I wonder why moderators don't check your username closer, I remember it appeared at an Antim brawl while one of the posters here was banned.

I remember when you provoked the `brawl` after Scotland v Georgia game and I replied to you and you begged mods to ban me and they unjustifiably did while you continued to reply to my posts knowing full well that I couldn't reply. That's your character. I also remembered that datodato registered around the same time and you accused me of creating the alternate ID (again I couldn't reply because I was banned and you weren't) Now you are implying the same thing which is slanderous(you are a hypocrite) to say the least. You also accuse me of hating Romania which is another slander that shows that you are delusional. I have no idea why you are continuously allowed to get away with that staff. It seems like you have free reign on this forum and you know it. For your information datodato and me are two different people who have never met. You have no integrity and are vengeful little person. So the mods can check whatever they want to check because you are a lair of the first degree.
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Re: New U20 tournament for 6 Nations, Georgia, Romania

Postby amz » Sun, 16 Jul 2017, 14:11

what are you smoking? since that announcement, Romania become public enemy no 1 here and yet you fell offended.

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Re: New U20 tournament for 6 Nations, Georgia, Romania

Postby thatrugbyguy » Sun, 16 Jul 2017, 14:22

How about we settle things down a little folks?


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