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2017-18 Rugby Europe Championship, Trophy, Conferences 1 & 2

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2017-18 Rugby Europe Championship, Trophy, Conferences 1 & 2

Postby victorsra » Sun, 23 Jul 2017, 13:53

The fixtures of the 2017-18 Rugby Europe XVs competitions are already in their website: http://www.rugbyeurope.eu/all-rugby-europe-games

The kick off is on October 14th with Conference 1 and 2 matches

The Trophy starts on October 21st with Czechia vs Moldova.

Portugal will play Czechia on November 18th and the match will count for both, the Trophy and the RWC 2019 Qualy.

The Championship kicks off on February 10th.

Slovakia was indeed promoted to Conference 2 for the first time.

The Conferences are the last to finish and the last round is on May 12th.

There is nothing about the Promotion/Relegation Playoffs' dates and nothing about the Development Cup. No infos if Turkey and Greece will take part. I guess only Bulgaria and Montenegro are certain there.
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