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Western Force potentially looking for an Asian League

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Re: Western Force potentially looking for an Asian League

Postby Grayday88 » Mon, 04 Feb 2019, 16:23

IanCleverly wrote:
Grayday88 wrote:Have there been any further updates as to what teams will be playing in this league next year?

Quite a big one today

A host of Pacific rugby players face an uncertain future after the Global Rapid Rugby competition cancelled its inaugural season, less than two months before the proposed start date. The brainchild of billionaire Western Force owner Andrew Forrest, eight teams from Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands were originally on board to contest a four-month season in 2019, including entries representing Fiji and Samoa. Pacific Rugby Players CEO Aayden Clarke said that number had dropped to six, after two teams pulled out.

He was in contact with Global Rapid Rugby officials only a few days ago, to discuss player welfare issues for the impending campaign, but said yesterday it was revealed the competition would not go ahead at all. "We are disappointed because so much has been promised by GRR, but they have failed to deliver, The big losers in this are the players who have made commitments to their team and GRR, they have given up work, made family decisions and passed up other contract opportunities, but are now left high and dry. There are 30 contracted players in Singapore who have been training since January specifically for this competition, there are many players in Fiji and Samoa who made commitments to this. So what happens to them now?"

I’m sad to hear this but not surprised I hope that this is nothing more than a delay but you have to worry about the competitions future

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Re: Western Force potentially looking for an Asian League

Postby Tobar » Fri, 15 Feb 2019, 15:40

I think Twiggy tried expanding this league too....rapidly. Heh.

But really they should’ve just added a few teams and allowed for derbies with the other Australian teams. So instead of expanding to a full season they would have home and away for 3 or 4 teams (Force, Fiji, Japan, NSW team). Then the Force and NSW team can also have some exhibition derby matches against the other Australian Super Rugby teams. The SR matches last year were the best attended and probably a fun match to play against Wallabies players.

So the season length would be 6 games for the GRR teams and then an additional 4 for the Super Rugby matches. The Japanese team could even play against the Sunwolves if possible. I think that makes for a solid competition for the first couple of years.

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Re: Western Force potentially looking for an Asian League

Postby victorsra » Fri, 15 Feb 2019, 17:09

He tried to do things from day to night (like USA's PRO) to show Rugby Australia and SANZAAR they do everything wrong. He clearly had not much idea about Asian Rugby and tried an agressive approach change the rugby laws even before he had teams and a competition. He did everything wrong too. Big mess. I really believe nothing was really well studied...
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