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11 november - Germany vs Brazil

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Re: 11 november - Germany vs Brazil

Postby Figaro » Mon, 13 Nov 2017, 08:13

Inverdale is a prick. Even when he mentions other T1 games it's always in the context of what's happening with England, I remember a Wales/Ireland game in a recent 6N where he said something like "this is the game where we see who has the best chance to beat England" or something.

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Re: 11 november - Germany vs Brazil

Postby suofficer » Mon, 13 Nov 2017, 08:35

not to jump on a bandwagon, but he's a notroious prat. Represents everything that is wrong with England. He doesn't speak for the majority however and I suspect anyone with a genuine interest in rugby would have have at least some small interest in the result.


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