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2018 June Internationals

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Re: 2018 June Internationals

Postby carbonero » Wed, 31 Jan 2018, 04:52

argie wrote:Relations between the UAR and the Government of Córdoba after the passage of Scotland in 2014 didn't go well. Some difference of money....

This happened in 2012. Cordoba didn’t honor their part of the contract and informed the UAR only weeks before the test. It doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore as they got the Scotland test in 2014.

argie wrote:The UAR wants that Córdoba pay to be venue for the Pumas match.

It is a tender process. Cordoba has to pay something to win the bid. They always express interest but never make an actual offer.

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Re: 2018 June Internationals

Postby NaBUru38 » Wed, 31 Jan 2018, 18:26

Some province governments invest public funds in attracting sports events. Others don't.

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Re: 2018 June Internationals

Postby IanCleverly » Fri, 02 Feb 2018, 23:40

Belarus have said they hope to have a game during this period - and have suggested against/in Switzerland.

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Re: 2018 June Internationals

Postby kearnc25 » Sun, 04 Feb 2018, 06:40

TheStroBro wrote:
Bruce_ma_goose wrote: Must be the American in me that will call out the BS of a jock?

This is a really weird thing to say lad. Your nationality has no bearing on you arguing with strangers on the internet.

O'shea is fine he wouldn't be going anywhere. You are downplaying Brunnel slightly he had wins against two wins against Scotland (including one in Scotland) and one win against both Ireland and France. For the Italian side at the time that's not a bad run. He was also an assistant coach during the French dominance in the mid 2000s. Noves was floundering trying something fresh in time for the RWC isn't a bad plan, probably wont change things overall but the French team had by all accounts giving up on Noves.

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Re: 2018 June Internationals

Postby victorsra » Thu, 08 Feb 2018, 20:34

Belgium and Portugal might visit Brazil in June. There are ongoing talks.
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Re: 2018 June Internationals

Postby carbonero » Thu, 08 Feb 2018, 23:29

Tier 2 tentative schedule for June:
Samoa: Playoff
Fiji: Georgia, Romania, Tonga
Tonga: Romania, Georgia, Fiji
Japan: Italy x2, Georgia
Georgia: Fiji, Tonga, Japan
Romania: Tonga, Fiji
Canada: Scotland
USA: European side, Scotland
Uruguay: Nations Cup
Spain: Playoff / Nations Cup / North America
Russia: Playoff / Nations Cup / North America

- Italy is the only Tier 1 with an opening on June 23. Africa’s Gold Cup starts on June 16 so I’m not considering Namibia, Zimbabwe or Kenia. I’m also assuming that Romania is Europe 2 (sorry Armchair, it was easier this way).
- As posted in the USA thread, the Eagles booked a match in Denver for June 9. “The matchup will be determined this March, after the next round of European Qualification for Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan”. TheStroBro says it’s not Germany due to the Wild civil war. There could be an opening for whoever misses out the playoff in Europe.
- Victor posted above that Brazil is in talks with Belgium and Portugal. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for any additional games in South America (Chile/Colombia)
- No idea about the Nations Cup. Maybe they shrink it to four teams because I can’t see anybody outside of Uruguay, Argentina XV, Italia Emergenti and one of Spain/Russia/Germany. Hong Kong seems farfetched. They could revive the Wolfhounds or the SA Presidents.

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Re: 2018 June Internationals

Postby Armchair Fan » Thu, 08 Feb 2018, 23:35

Europe 1, you mean ;)

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Re: 2018 June Internationals

Postby TheStroBro » Mon, 12 Feb 2018, 02:53

Bryan Ray of ARN Reporting that the US is going North to Canada for a third test.


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