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Re: Youth Internationals

Postby TheStroBro » Mon, 01 Jan 2018, 02:22

Scoob wrote:There is so much ability and promise in Nth America rugby,its frustratingly annoying.I saw brief game highlights of USA high school all americans in there under 18 tournament in Europe in 2017.Individually they were way superior to Portugal,Spain. More line breaks,more individual brilliance. But the European teams performed the basics better and better game knowledge,and looks like they had more time to practice together. You feel with a descent coaching structure{get some NZL coaches over there some how}and you would feel close losses could have been big wins.
Hopefully with major league being successful structures can be put in place from the ground up.

Age Grade systems is pay to Play. Then Salty Thompson runs his own camps through a corp called EIRA, so for the money it's probably better to send your kid to Otago Boys School.


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