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Rugby World Cup 2019

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Re: Rugby World Cup 2019

Postby BigG » Mon, 04 Nov 2019, 20:30

vino_93 wrote:
vino_93 wrote:Official attendances (with filling ratio, according official capacity provided by World Rugby)

Total attendance : 1 702 528 --> 90% of official average attendance

Is it possible to know what is No of locals and foreigners among attendees?

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Re: Rugby World Cup 2019

Postby thatrugbyguy » Tue, 05 Nov 2019, 03:53

It was reported a while back at least 600,000 visitors purchased tickets.

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Re: Rugby World Cup 2019

Postby Edgar » Tue, 05 Nov 2019, 08:21

1. South Africa have become the first and, so far, only team to have won the Rugby World Cup despite losing earlier in the tournament. England, of course, were the first (and second) team to make the finals despite a previous loss in the tournament (1991, where they lost to the ABs in pool play, and 2007, where the final was a rematch of an earlier game in pool play where South Africa ripped them apart).

2. Makazole Mapimpi became the first Springbok to score a try in a World Cup final, followed shortly by Cheslin Kolbe. They are yet to concede one.

3. The Springboks seem to now win a tournament every 12 years - 1995, 2007 and now 2019.

4. Rassie Erasmus has more or less equalled Rod Macqueen's record for the amount of time between appointment as head coach and a World Cup win.

5. The Springboks are the first team to win the Rugby Champs or the Tri Nations and win the Rugby World Cup in the same year.

6. The 20-point margin is the second-equal highest winning score in a World Cup final. The record is still held by Australia in 1999, when they beat France by 23 points. 1987 also had a 20-point margin (albeit when tries were 4 points).

7. This is just the third time where the winning team scored 30+points. Australia and the All Blacks did it in 1999 and 2015 respectively.

World Cup holder performance

All Blacks, 21 June 1987 – 2 November 1991: Played 30, won 26, 3 losses, 1 draw. 88.3% success rate.
All the losses and the draw were v Australia.

Wallabies, 3 November 1991 – 24 June 1995: Played 28, won 22, lost 6. 78.6% success.
Losses to NZ, SA, France & England. 1995 was the last SH tournament played in Winter rather than Spring.

South Africa, 25 June 1995 – 6 November 1999: Played 54, won 38, lost 16. 70.4% success.
The birth of the pro era saw a leap in the number of tests played. SA became the first RWC holders to play (and lose to) the Lions.

Australia, 7 November 1999 – 22 November 2003: Played 45, won 29, lost 15, drew 1. 65.6% success.
Aussie became the first defending champions to play in (and to lose) a RWC final. They were also the first champions to record a 0% win rate against another team, going 0 – 5 v England.

England, 23 November 2003 – 20 Oct 2007: Played 47, won 21, lost 26. 44.7% success.
Worst. Champs. Ever. Failed to beat NZ, Ireland or Argentina at all. Had losing records v France, SA and Aust. The only so-called Tier 1 team they played that did win at least once was Italy.

South Africa, 21 Oct 2007 – 23 Oct 2011: Played 49, won 31, lost 18. 63.3% success.
Had losing records against only NZ and Aust, but went 50:50 v France, Ireland, and Scotland. Win rate declined year by year.

New Zealand, 24 Oct 2011 – 2 November 2019: (2011-15 / 2015-19 splits in brackets) Played 107 (54/53), won 93 (49/44), lost 10 (3/7), drew 4 (2/2). 88.78% (92.6%/84.9%) success. Marginally beats out 1987 All Blacks as best champs ever over all. Easily the best in the pro era. Even the weaker 2015-19 side has the 3rd best record after their 2015 and 1987 brethren. Winning record against every team played, except for the drawn Lions series. Losses to SA, Aus, Eng, Ire as well. Declined steadily from 100% in 2013 to only 77.3% this year.

& Here the all-time most tests without a loss or a draw for each of the Big Ten, as well as current (capped in 2019) players who have won every test they have appeared in so far:

New Zealand: Charles Piutau 17 from 17. Weber and Hemopo are both on 5, Jacobson 2 and Ennor and J. Ioane 1 each.
Ireland: Dan Leavy 11, 2016-2018. Addison 4, Haley 1.
South Africa: Hannes Brewis 10, 1949-1952. van Staden 3, Gqoboka & Elstadt 2, Ntubeni 1.
England: Jack Clifford 10, 2016-17. Matt Kvesic is on 4 from 4, Marchant 3, McConnochie & Robson 2 each.
Argentina: Pablo Gambarini 8, 2006-2008. No current 100% winners.
France: Jean-Louis Jordana 7, 1996-1997. Cros 2, Barassi & Mauvaka 1.
Wales: Seb Davies 7, 2017-18. No current 100% winners.
Australia: John Ryan 6, 1975-76. Rob Valetini is the only current 100% winner Wallaby on a 1 match winning streak.
Italy: Gianfranco Zanchi 5, 1953-57, & Fernando Pignotti 5, 1968 - 69. None current.
Scotland: Rory Hughes 4, 2015-2017. G. Stewart 3, Kerr 1.

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Re: Rugby World Cup 2019

Postby haker » Fri, 08 Nov 2019, 12:02

Return_of_BG_97 wrote:Gotta be rooting for South Africa. The implications of a black rugby captain winning it all for the Springboks would be huge.

It could easily have happened twice before, taking the scores of the finals into account, though for other countries - 2003 (George Gregan) and 2011 (Thierry Dusautoir)

Vova12 wrote:Congratulations to South Africa. But this championship in my opinion is most uninteresting of those that i have seenBut this championship in my opinion is most uninteresting of those that i have seen

I couldn't agree more, when was the last World Cup with cancelled games (ok because of the weather, so fair enough) or uncontested scrums


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