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Rugby World Cup 2023 Qualifying

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Re: Rugby World Cup 2023 Qualifying

Postby RugbyLiebe » Tue, 11 Feb 2020, 15:32

victorsra wrote:And you do know FIFA's council, for exemple, doesn't have power of the game rules? It is the International Board. The should must be in the hands of an independent body... perhaps composed only by the 6 continental unions. Not the council. The council is about politics.

F***ing hell, honestly I really had no idea about the International Board in soccer. That's shocking, that even in soccer Great Britain has as many votes as everyone else regarding rule changes :shock:
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Re: Rugby World Cup 2023 Qualifying

Postby victorsra » Tue, 11 Feb 2020, 17:16

So it is realy important IMO that the Continental Unions have councils with 1 country 1 vote. While in the WR Council I stand by what I suggested, but maybe increasing continental unions power.

If we count 15s and 7s, I believe a maximum of 1/3 of the nations are realy involved in intercontinental matches, and only because 7s has a 2nd division. And this shouldn't change because for amateur nations intercontinental 15-a-side is not the logical path. Therefore, what realy matters for most countries is how their Continental Unions work and their power to fight for the continents interests in WR as a block, an unity.
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Re: Rugby World Cup 2023 Qualifying

Postby Edgar » Tue, 11 Feb 2020, 17:21

Chester-Donnelly wrote:I think World Rugby should rethink its continental unions. Is that the best way to organise tournaments? Many tournaments span continents. What chance is there of Asia having any kind of coordinated commercial competition, covering so many time zones? It would make much more sense to have three regional unions (Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific) and then for there to be sub-regional unions within those unions (e.g. Europe, north Africa, west Asia, west Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa). With tournaments for the stronger tier 2 teams organised at regional level, like ARC and Pacific Nations Cup. Rugby in Asia quite rightly seems focused on the Asia Pacific region.
As north African and Middle Eastern teams develop, they should have the opportunity to play in European tournaments. There should still be an African Nations Cup, maybe every other year, with subregional tournaments in the years between, such as the Victoria Cup. How about a Mediterranean Cup?

I completely agree with you, Chester, and I think it's already happening. Europe changed to a regionalized format below ENC division 1 some time ago, Asia has done something similar, and now we can see regional tournaments popping up in Africa with the revived Victoria Cup, the Elgon Cup and WARS (West Africa).

It's a shame the Gold Cup had to go, however. We had three continents - the Americas, Europe and Africa - with their own 6-team first divisions, and needed only merge the Asian Top 3 with the Pacific Islands to get a 4th in that region. My idea was to then have the four winners play off in an annual Confederations Cup-like tournament, perhaps as a replacement for the Nations Cup (which has been drawing abysmal crowds).

But with the Gold Cup having fallen apart, and the flashy new African championships being nothing more than a protracted World Cup-qualifying tournament (some of the teams are already out), things are not looking so rosy anymore. Nothing to stop the North Africans arranging tests with European nations, btw, or mini-tournaments if they can manage it.

The fact their Tri Nations appears to have been abandoned suggests they're really not that interested, however. We know the Mahgrebi national teams are mostly France-based. Still, it ought to be possible for them to get a test or two against incoming second tier teams during the AIs, since they're in the vicinity; one of the Pacific Islands or North American teams, perhaps.

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Re: Rugby World Cup 2023 Qualifying

Postby Chester-Donnelly » Tue, 11 Feb 2020, 18:32

Edgar, there are some within Algeria that are interested. I can tell from their high quality website. I just feel like north Africa and west Asia are slightly neglected regions because they are not in Europe and they are very far from the epicenter of their respective continents, being South Africa and Japan. I think UAE and Algeria should at least be offered the opportunity to play in the REIC, or in another regional tournament. They might not want to, but they should be offered the opportunity. They are both potential growth markets.


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