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2023 RWC Qualifying Pathway

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2023 RWC Qualifying Pathway

Unread postby Blurandski » Tue, 05 Nov 2019, 20:58

So it's around this time that the next RWC qualifying path is announced (12/11/15 for 2019), I thought that it'd be good to get a thread together on what people had heard and knew. Since the congress happened towards the end of the RWC, a path should have in theory been agreed.

So the big one is a joined Americas, with the ARC acting as the main qualifier.

The second potential change is an expanded repechage for 1 or 3 spots.

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Re: 2023 RWC Qualifying Pathway

Unread postby dwpeate » Tue, 05 Nov 2019, 22:34

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