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Touch Judge Dead Ball Line

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Touch Judge Dead Ball Line

Unread postby Tomster7uk » Tue, 07 Apr 2020, 01:40

As an amateur unqualified touch judge who is a volunteer (spectator), do I have the authority to signal for the following scenario [not been asked by the match referee];

A player attempting to score a try but a part of his body is on the (in goal) dead ball line running collinear with the touch line.

Or is this only the referee’s duty and does he have the responsibility to clarifying it with an unqualified assistant.

If I ‘the assistant’ does need to practice a signal, do I put my flag up or do I point down to the dead ball line?
Could someone clear this up for me?

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Re: Touch Judge Dead Ball Line

Unread postby Werner » Wed, 08 Apr 2020, 15:54

The duties of officially assigned Assistent Referees is defined in LAW 6.24-27. For Touch Judges LAW 6.24-26 are applicable.
The Dead Ball Line is not part of it.

Basically it's only the referrees duty, whatsoever he can communicate with the Touch Judge according to LAW 6.13.

Good practise is not to use the Flag to signal a Dead Ball. Maybe just pointing with an hand/arm to the 22-meter line or the 5-meter scrum might be an option for signalling. Paricularly if that was discussed in the referees meeting before the match.

BTW, flag signalling is used for Touch, Conversions and Foul Play. Most spectators would therefore expect a Foul Play when the flag is used to signal a dead ball.

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