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Re: German rugby

Postby RugbyLiebe » Wed, 13 Sep 2017, 06:22

jservuk wrote:See this ...

http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/cric ... 43516.html

Maybe that's the answer - shift 100,000 people from NZ, South Africa to Germany for a rugby revolution to kick off there too.

And still not a single German playing it :D
But we try this with Aussies and Kiwis every year. It is called Oktoberfest. You know, we got beer :D
How to grow rugby worldwide?
Look at the world ranking in July. Teams ranked 1-10 have to play one team from 11-20 (they don't play in a regular competition) away the next year. 11-20 play 21-30 away and so on. Yes, it really is that simple.


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