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A Pro12 Expansion

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Re: A Pro12 Expansion

Postby NaBUru38 » Wed, 04 Oct 2017, 20:14

A Celtic League isn't sustainable as a premier competition, I think.

Having teams from Italy, Spain and Germany, Georgia is a good idea.

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Re: A Pro12 Expansion

Postby Higgik » Wed, 04 Oct 2017, 22:10

Agree on Celtic League alone.

My idea would be a British and Irish League like this, teams would be franchises with strict salary caps, but players can play for any franchise, drafts and free agency like NFL.

Celtic Conference
Erin Division
London Irish.

Cymru Division
London Welsh (new investors would jump at the chance of being part of a franchise competition)

Alba Division
Caledonia (new franchise based in Aberdeen)
London Scottish (already in Championship, could base out of AFC Wimbledon stadium)

Anglo Conference
North Division

East Division

West Division

Teams play a 16 match season, 12 in conference, and 4 v other conference
Play offs in conference, with winners playing for British Champs.

Continental Europe would have similar structure, With

Rome, Parma, Venice
Barcelona, San Sebastián
And 15 French franchises

The season would start in November after international season, and run for22 weeks including play offs.

The ERCC, would become and end of season event played along the lines of RWC.

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Re: A Pro12 Expansion

Postby vino_93 » Thu, 05 Oct 2017, 06:12

There will never have franchise in France. Stop that "dream" now... Our club system is healthy. Sport is developping in new part of the country. No need to stop our club system.

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Re: A Pro12 Expansion

Postby honestly_united » Thu, 05 Oct 2017, 14:17

Higgik wrote:The issue I have with the Italian teams is not their quality, but the expense of travel that removes monies from the other Celtic teams.

For that reason I would also drop the SA teams.

The AP have to realise that cross border competition, the AW cup is fun for that reason alone.

Reducing fixtures would reduce income, unless the match up create interest.

I think the £6 million additional TV money from SA makes up for the cost in travelling over, unless its costing £250k a time

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Re: A Pro12 Expansion

Postby Ser Podrick of Payne » Sat, 04 Nov 2017, 11:52

There isn't really a suitable thread but this is worth sharing, a real stunner of a try fro the Pro 14


(Only for viewers in UK unless you can trick it - maybe a youtube version soon)

Ah this one may be global... https://twitter.com/i/web/status/926540270744748032

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Re: A Pro12 Expansion

Postby Canadian_Rugger » Sat, 04 Nov 2017, 11:59

vino_93 wrote:There will never have franchise in France. Stop that "dream" now... Our club system is healthy. Sport is developping in new part of the country. No need to stop our club system.

Yep, I've said this elsewhere too. The French don't have problems with their club game and I'd rate it as the best in the World. 30 fully pro teams between Top14 and ProD2 with nice TV contracts, good stadiums and crowds. If anything, everyone else should be taking notes from the French.

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Re: A Pro12 Expansion

Postby dropkick » Sat, 21 Apr 2018, 17:35

Theres talk of a Pro14, U23 development league happening next season. The talk is of a reduced season too etc.

Anyway the point I wanted to make is a pro14 development league could be the perfect stepping stone for a developing nation to joining the pro14. There will only be a limited number of games so they wouldn't need a massive squad.


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