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Re: Spanish rugby

Postby Raven » Mon, 20 Mar 2017, 15:45

Armchair Fan wrote:Spanish rugby is as close to a Men's XV World Cup comeback as to a civil war. This is what Jaime Nava told media yesterday after beating Belgium when, if I reckon well, he was asked about what he expected for next season:
"Today we must enjoy the moment. Tomorrow we will be greeted and given some pats on the back, but I fear on Monday we're going to be back to reality: we're not united. We've got a Spanish rugby where everybody looks after their own interests. And if we don't clear up our mess, this Spanish rugby momentum will quickly turn into the same issues as ever instead of having a common project, a clear one where we all push towards the same goal, looking to improve Spanish rugby as a whole. July will come and FER's General Assembly will meet to vote the same bullshit as every year. Sorry, maybe not bullshit, but topics that aren't really that important.

We carry a great momentum, let's do serious things. Clubs, players, unions, female players, union... Spanish Rugby Union must change too, must improve... But, hey, Spanish Rugby Union doesn't do everything wrong, it can't be either everybody's boxing sparring and the one receiving all the criticism from Spanish rugby. People must be close to the union, help and push at the same time. If not, after two or three playing phases, we will back to what Spanish Rugby has always been. And we won't change anything at all. Spanish rugby must unite NOW. We must united because if not, everything will quickly expire, it will be of no help that our team works well, like women, like sevens... All that success won't be of any help at all.

Sorry if I got angry, but really, let's wake up. Clubs, players, regional unions, FER as our main representative body... Let's carry all the same chariot."


He is right and has a good point though.

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Re: Spanish rugby

Postby Armchair Fan » Mon, 20 Mar 2017, 15:53

Of course he is, but I'd have never expected the captain to be as vocal as he was. And a few days before both him and Gautier Gibouin (the other captain) were asked about where should Spain play and they were clearly advocating for games like the one in Medina del Campo (Georgia) and Málaga (Uruguay) instead of playing in Madrid.

If you ask me, I believe there is a chance to host Romania and Germany next year at Zorrilla, in Valladolid. But we should already be working on it. Plus looking for new territories to explore in November, when it seems all the work is being done to secure and host three high quality test matches (a massive improvement for Spain, who had 0 in 2014, 1 in 2015 and 2 in 2016). But first, let's see what kind of squad we can bring for our four games in June...

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Re: Spanish rugby

Postby Armchair Fan » Tue, 21 Mar 2017, 14:08

Once the Copa del Rey final mess sorted (Santboiana has accepted FER's decision even if they decided to share their disconfort yesterday in front of media), we've got new sources of conflict... But first, squads for U20 European Championship and Hong Kong Sevens

U20 European Championship
Tomás Munilla (Ciencias)
Andrés Vallejo (Helvetia)
Rafael Muñoz (San Jerónimo)
Gabriel Vélez (Atlético Portuense)
Iñaki Mateu (Alcobendas)
Diego Carvajales (Liceo Francés)
Hugo Pichot (Santboiana)
Rochedi Mirabert (BUC)
Víctor Sánchez (Independiente)
Alejandro Alonso (VRAC)
Raúl Calzón (VRAC)
Juan Soloaga (VRAC)
Pere Fernández (VRAC)
Loïc Verstrepen (CAU) - Injured during training, replaced by Alex Gimeno (Bourg-en-Bresse)
Luis Almenara (CAU)
Fernando Raga (CAU)
Ignacio Herrero (CAU)
Alberto Mendoza (Tecnidex)
Teo Brun (Bordeaux)
Alexis Brun (Bordeaux)
Peio Gil (Bordeaux)
Jordi Jorba (USAP)
Raphaël Lassegnore (Langon)
Tobias Francis (Leeds)
Hugo Moriarty-Souto (Rumney)

Hong Kong Sevens warm-up
Perico Martín (Alcobendas)
Jacobo Marín (Alcobendas)
Iñaki Villanueva (Alcobendas)
Ángel López (Alcobendas)
Rafa Santiago (CRC)
Zach Taylor (CRC)
Alvar Gimeno (Cisneros)
Paco Hernández (Cisneros)
Gorka Gorrotxategui (Cisneros)
Manuel Sáinz-Trápaga (Cisneros)
Pol Pla (FC Barcelona)
Ignacio Martín (Bera Bera)
Igor Genua (Hernani)
Javier Carrión (La Vila)
Pablo Fontes (Castanet)
Lucas Levy (Provence)
Jakie Carter (Dubai Hurricanes)

There are 25 names in the U20 Euro squad and Gimeno and Taylor are U20 even though retained by Feijóo to prepare Hong Kong... Will one of them be released in time for the trip to Bucharest? It's funny we've got this kind of issue between Spanish teams when the word in the street last weeks was that USAP wasn't happy to release again Jordi Jorba (he played full REC and USAP is leader in French Espoirs competition...).

He isn't the only name rumoured to have problems to be released for Spanish under age teams. Samuel Ezeala, who played aged only 16 in last year U18 Euro, is said to be courted by French Federation to be poached in the future... He plays for Clermont and has even been upgraded to Espoirs in spite of being still 17, scoring two tries against Pau ten days ago.

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Re: Spanish rugby

Postby Armchair Fan » Tue, 28 Mar 2017, 12:12

División de Honor Week 19
SilverStorm El Salvador 22 - 13 UE Santboiana
Senor Independiente 14 - 59 VRAC Quesos Entrepinares
Complutense Cisneros 22 - 32 Sanitas Alcobendas
AMPO Ordizia 32 - 6 Bizkaia Gernika
Getxo Artea 26 - 22 Hernani
FC Barcelona 33 - 20 Ciencias Fundación Cajasol (it's safe to say Ciencias is virtually relegated)



Alfonso Feijóo was interviewed last week by El Tercer Tiempo podcast. Among a lot of things he said, not always in a proper manner (let's be honest, he's totally clueless about how to talk to media), he talked about a potential Iberian league. Spanish and Portuguese unions have agreed terms. Spanish clubs are divided, but those not interested in such competition accept to content theirselves with national competitions. The main opposition seems to come from Portuguese clubs. They aren't interested in a full league and prefer to see an expanded Copa Ibérica before making further steps. But Feijóo wants it to be done as quick as possible and reminds that our schedule is already full and we can't afford more games.


FER has also presented their plans for national academies. For 2017, six academies have been put in place in Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, San Sebastián, Valencia and Sevilla, with both boys and girls aged between 15 and 19 to train together between 6 and 8 times a year. It's way better than what we used to have, but I'm not happy with the fact no mention is done to what will happen to other regions and criteria used for players selection (I mean, I live in Andalucia, I know there are good young teams in Marbella and Puerto de Santa María; yet all male players selected are from Sevilla...). The idea is to create further regional training groups for U13 to U15 players later on.


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