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Sevens World Series/7's News

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Re: Sevens World Series/7's News

Postby Canalina » Thu, 15 Jun 2017, 08:38

Tonight the Roma 7s starts with the opening ceremony. Tomorrow the games begin at 9 AM, the final is fixed (?) saturday evening late. Playing teams? Apparently, 16 men's and 8 women's ones. Who are them? I don't know. As every year the organizers are too tired to give details. I think World Rugby should award them the title of Laziest Rugby Organizers in the World. The website is the same year by year (they just change the year's date and the sponsors brands; sponsors seem the only important thing for them), the brochure is updated just here and there with some infos still referring to 2016 (but which of the infos? You must guess), the facebook page shows a mastery in english language even worse than mine with useless lines of two or three words (are you ready?, great tournament!, great teams!...). Tv live? Yes, a long live transmission on Rai Sport saturday evening! But it was last year. This year? Probably no live tv, so they let last year's infos on the brochure
I think the tournament for them is just a moment to make parties and a good chance to collect money with sponsors and government's funds

https://issuu.com/romaseven/docs/14_per ... seven_2017

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Re: Sevens World Series/7's News

Postby Armchair Fan » Thu, 15 Jun 2017, 08:50

Spot on. I visited their website to know who Catalonia was going to face in both men's and women's tournaments and it was totally disappointing. But over here in Spain 7s tournaments are also a bit chaotic.

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Re: Sevens World Series/7's News

Postby victorsra » Fri, 16 Jun 2017, 22:32

We are giving too much credit to Tier 1s rugby press. They know nothing about T2-3s and they probably speculated that thinking it would be GOOD (because in T1s minds many times less is better). I don't see any evidence in WR's way of organizing the sevens that this could be true. Probably just a misunderstanding. Look at the phrase:

Other changes include reducing the number of teams taking part in the series from 16 to 12, which would suit Great Britain participating as it would take two teams out of the equation - though concerns have been raised about the circuit being watered down if World Rugby retain the 16-nation series and force three of its high-performing teams to combine.
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