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The future of Italian Rugby

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Re: The future of Italian Rugby

Postby Ainsthrilln » Sun, 04 Nov 2018, 10:50

I think you are over reacting to this result. Yes, it's was a shame of a game, but look at the line-up.

I doubt more than five or six players fielded yesterday will be in the 23.

It's disappointing in Italy, but this game does not tell us much about what will happen next week or next February.

Still, Italy has not much credit left, and the 700k€ probably do not compensate the bad reputation.

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Re: The future of Italian Rugby

Postby Sables4EVA » Mon, 05 Nov 2018, 05:52

It saddens me to constantly see the Azzuri lose by such margins. Not long ago the team nearly beat England, the Pro14 clubs are slowly getting more respectable results but those do not seem to translate into the national side.

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Re: The future of Italian Rugby

Postby SHIZZZO » Mon, 05 Nov 2018, 11:56

This result means nothing, there will be a different team against the Lelo's next week and hopefully our guys know this.
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