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Re: Romanian Rugby

Postby amz » Tue, 01 Aug 2017, 08:05

King's Cup will kick off at the end of this week-end and the program is the following (in Romanian):
https://www.super-liga.ro/2017/07/31/cu ... mpetitiei/

This is an experimental competition so 3 Under 23 players should be in the lineup.

Other news from clubs:

CSM Bucuresti signed as forward coach ex-Farul player Lasha Tavartikladze (possible he was recommended by Bradley).
http://csmbucuresti.ro/lasha-tavartkila ... -tigrilor/
Rumor is they also signed 3 Georgian forwards after they failed to sign forwards from Iasi

Timisoara Saracens signed ex-U20, ex-RC Barlad (Second Division) scum-half Gabriel Rupanu:
http://obiectivvaslui.ro/gabriel-rupanu ... -saracens/

Baia Mare signed few U18 players for next 7 years:
Sergiu Lucaciu - center (b. 1999)
Mihai Matei - lock (last time at Tarbes academy, born 1997)
Vlad Visan - lock (1,97 cm, 115 kgs!) - until recently he played in England (b. 1999)

U Cluj will participate in King's Cup which means that they have the finances to continue in Super Liga.

Bucovina Suceava new coach still to be announced official but rumor is will be Marius Coltuneac:
He have 2 caps and played in France in 2000s for few years. He is replacing Constantin Vlad who was Suceava's coach for 27 years. However, it seems Mr. Vlad will stay around the team for a while and he participated to the meeting

Poli Iasi will skip King's Cup and struggle to rebuild the team as they have only 18 players under contract now (and only 2 frontrowers). Apparently Plai will stay with them for next season as they didn't wanted to release him to Dinamo.

An interesting meeting and first of this sort took place last week in Bucharest with coaching representatives of Super Liga clubs: George Sava ( head coach CSM Baia Mare ) Eugen Apjok ( head coach CSM Bucuresti ) Danut Dumbrava ( head coach CSA Steaua ) Cosmin Ratiu ( head coach Politehnica Iasi ) Cristian Sauan and Horea Himpea ( manager and head coach CS Universitatea Cluj ) Vlad Constantin ( manager CSM Bucovina Suceava ) Cristian Hildan ( CS head coach Dinamo ) and Sosene Anesi ( backs coach SCM Timisoara ).
https://www.super-liga.ro/2017/08/01/an ... icentiere/

The meeting was mostly about club licensing procedures, coaching licensing, new laws of the game and collaboration with National team staff and collaboration between SL team staffs. Other topic:
- long term strategic plan for Oaks
- involvement of national staff in player's training and various requirements for clubs related to preparation of test players.
- national team staff offered themselves to travel to clubs to have few training sessions with clubs

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Re: Romanian Rugby

Postby amz » Thu, 03 Aug 2017, 14:31

CSM Baia Mare announced their squad for 2017 - 2018 season:

Mihai Dico 16.08.1987 1,87 m 100 kg România
Domițian Mureșan 01.08.1995 1,86 m 120 kg România
Waisea Nailago 28.03.1989 1,89 m 129 kg Fiji
Constantin Mardare Pristăviță 23.05.1993 1,89 m 111 kg România
Paul Rusu 10.09.1984 1,78 m 115 kg România
Silviu Sebastian Suciu 16.10.1991 1,85 M 124 kg România

Florin Bârdașu 23.09.1991 1,74 m 104 kg România
Ovidiu Cojocaru 19.11.1996 1,76 m 100 kg România
Iuri Natriashvili 25.01.1984 1,80 m 105 kg Georgia

Marius Dănilă 08.03.1987 1,95 m 114 kg România
Andrei Iurea 01.12.1996 1,94 m 105 kg România
Dumani Siphosethu Mtya 14.03.1985 1,94 m 114 kg Africa de Sud
Florian Roșu 20.04.1993 1,92 m 105 kg România
Johannes Van Heerden 09.12.1986 1,96 m 118 kg Africa de Sud
Mihai Matei 12.11.1997 1,94 m 97 kg România

Răzvan Ailenei 04.02.1992 1,90 m 110 kg România
Cristian Marian Chirică 09.04.1997 1,91 m 95 kg România
Constantin Ene 08.08.1984 1,87 m 108 kg România
Sean Morrell 23.08.1985 1,89 m 110 kg Fiji
Feofaaki Holoia 29.03.1990 1,92 m 106 kg Tonga
Vlad Vișan 11.11.1999 1,97 m 115 kg România

Alexandru Neculai Pălii 25.02.1995 1,78 m 90 kg România
Bidzina Shamkaradze 02.10.1983 1,69 m 82 kg Georgia
Alexandru Țiglă 19.02.1993 1,78 m 90 kg România

George Paul Oprea 30.08.1993 1,93 m 106 kg România

Sione Fakaosilea 13.01.1987 1,86 m 118 kg Tonga
Michael Doneghan 06.05.1991 1,90 m 98 kg Scoția
Alexandru Bucur 24.04.1994 1,83 m 92 kg România
Sergiu Lucaciu 13.03.1999 1,80 m 80 kg România

Adrian Apostol 11.03.1990 1,84 m 86 kg România
Mihai Lămboiu 25.07.1997 1,81 m 83 kg România
Sikuea Taliauli 14.07.1995 1,88 m 98 kg Tonga

Ratu Taniela Maravunawasawasa 30.04.1986 1,83 m 89 kg Fiji
Ionuț Botezatu 12.12.1987 1,82 m 90 kg România

George Sava – Head Coach
Vasile Lucaci – Assistant Coach
Silviu Duma - Manager
Teodor Buzatu – Video analist
Adrian Manolache – Academy Coach
Sione Vaiomounga – Academy Coach
Marius Peride – Medic

Timisora Saracens announced they signed Mesake Doge (Prop) - Fiji

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Re: Romanian Rugby

Postby amz » Sat, 05 Aug 2017, 06:57

Timisoara Saracens - CSA Steaua, King's Cup, live now:


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Re: Romanian Rugby

Postby amz » Fri, 18 Aug 2017, 13:16

Johannes Van Heerden is on trial to Tolouse.

http://www.rugby-transferts.com/joueur- ... in-150895/

Young Motoc on bench for Racing 92 Metro

http://www.racing92.fr/fr/Equipe_Pro/Am ... -5093.html

Super Liga 2017-2018 will start with 7 teams because Bucovina Suceava failed to secure the budget required for first tier competition.

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Re: Romanian Rugby

Postby Armchair Fan » Tue, 22 Aug 2017, 10:21

I don't know if Van Heerden trial in Toulouse is good news, it seems they are explicitly looking for players available during international windows.

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Re: Romanian Rugby

Postby amz » Tue, 22 Aug 2017, 10:36

We'll see about that, but I do think Van Heerden will continue to come to play for Oaks.

New stadium from Craiova will be able to host rugby matches:
http://www.prosport.ro/fotbal-intern/li ... e-16702245

Too bad that there are no rugby teams in Oltenia region nor a tradition of rugby as in Constanta for example.


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