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Re: Small news

Postby mcruic » Sun, 05 Jan 2020, 01:01

Tobar wrote:
Canalina wrote:All time bottom place in the world ranking, by weeks, calculated on december 31 2020 (calculated by me, so not sure numbers are perfectly exact)

Finland 438 weeks
American Samoa 261*
Bosnia Herz. 116
Greece 33

Czech Rep. 188 weeks
Philippines 22*

* current last placed

I know there are reasons why American Samoa isn’t good but it’s baffling to me that they are dead last in the entire world. You would think that at least some of the talent from Samoa would come over to American Samoa or that they would retain a couple of decent players.

It's only down to the specifics (failings) of the ranking system. If you start all new teams at the same ranking points, it will take them longer to reach their true strength if they don't play often. There are plenty teams in the world worse than American Samoa.

I've just put my rankings online again after a hiatus of 7 years. I rank American Samoa 90th out of 163, Bosnia 109, Finland 110 and Greece 123. Al well off the bottom.

In the women's rankings, Czechia 29th and Philippines 37th out of 54 - again, well off the bottom.
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Re: Small news

Postby getienne » Sun, 05 Jan 2020, 14:35

First international match in 2020 !
Gibraltar U23, 15, Jamaica U23, 17 in Gibraltar
Venue : Europa Point Stadium
http://www.americasrugbynews.com/2020/0 ... -thriller/
According to the report, "Officially the match was Gibraltar u23s vs Jamaica u23s, though with this being five years above the adult player age, and three above u20s it ought to be classified as a fully capped international test match." At least for Jamaica.


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