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Rugby in Uruguay

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Re: Rugby in Uruguay

Postby RugbyLiebe » Wed, 05 Jul 2017, 09:49

NaBUru38 wrote:The home and away locations will be decided with the world rankings of December.

Are the playoffs in January27th/ February 3rd 2018 or 2019?

If they are in 2018 it wouldn't really make a lot of sense to use the December rankings, apart from driving up costs for later travel arrangements and less promo time.
How to grow rugby worldwide?
Look at the world ranking in July. Teams ranked 1-10 have to play one team from 11-20 (they don't play in a regular competition) away the next year. 11-20 play 21-30 away and so on. Yes, it really is that simple.

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Re: Rugby in Uruguay

Postby Armchair Fan » Wed, 05 Jul 2017, 10:21

2018. By 2019 all RWC pools must be set. And most of us will already be thinking about 2023...


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