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Re: Immigration

Sun, 01 Dec 2019, 08:24

Of course whore made sacrifices to stay in West. For example found a pensioner to get citizenship or something like that.
And here it is happiness! Whore received citizenship!

It takes 10-15 years that this whore sees?

Millions of Russian citizens come to West on tourist trips.
And for this they did not need 10 years to suck an old shriveld cock.
Of course will hate them!

Re: Immigration

Sun, 01 Dec 2019, 08:26

Well, Russians see that their own citis are much more modern, cleaner and safer.

https://www.worldtravelawards.com/award ... ation-2017

https://www.worldtravelawards.com/award ... ation-2019

Re: Immigration

Sun, 01 Dec 2019, 08:36

Now trend is reversed. Whores ride back. And if whore wrote something anti Russian on social networks, she will definitely be reminded of this.
For example one mediocre singer who lived in Spain for past 10 years came to Russia and wanted to make money.
She was immediately reminded of what she was saying when she left Russia.

Of course this is what makes public opinion in Russia, not Putins intelligence services.
We do not like those who have mouths and grub in Russia, and a big ass in West ...

Re: Immigration

Sun, 01 Dec 2019, 08:45

By the way there are a lot of Chinese tourists everywhere. Just awful.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont ... =emb_title

Re: Immigration

Mon, 02 Dec 2019, 13:47

This year was successful, Russia in first place! Islamic state and Kim are not among top three threats to peace!


These include strengthening our trade relationship, promoting European energy independence, and confronting shared challenges to our security and democratic values, including the threats posed by Russia, the Chinese Communist Party, and Iran.

https://www.state.gov/on-the-new-eu-lea ... of-office/

Re: Immigration

Mon, 02 Dec 2019, 13:48

Russia made its first deliveries of gas to China today through new pipline "Power of Siberia".

Re: Immigration

Tue, 03 Dec 2019, 15:28

What an amazing democracy and freedom of speech in US!


Would a cartoonist dare to depict a Jew instead of a Russian?


Re: Immigration

Tue, 03 Dec 2019, 20:12

Indians. What to stand on ceremony with them?

Re: Immigration

Tue, 03 Dec 2019, 20:14

Тax for 2 apartments in Moscow and for a house with land in Tver Region is 200$ per year.

Re: Immigration

Tue, 03 Dec 2019, 20:16

I love Russia, this is my weakness.

Re: Immigration

Thu, 05 Dec 2019, 15:47

Some University of Alberta students want the school to fire an assistant lecturer who denies the Holodomor, the mass genocide of Ukrainian people carried out by the former Soviet Union in the early 1930s.

In a Nov. 19 Facebook post, Dougal MacDonald, a sessional instructor in the Department of Elementary Education, called the Holodomor a lie perpetuated with fake photographs and news stories spread by former Nazi collaborators.

https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/ ... assistant/

Re: Immigration

Thu, 05 Dec 2019, 15:47

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