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The IRB should block Israel

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Re: The IRB should block Israel

Postby Rowan » Mon, 01 Sep 2014, 17:46

Cheers. Just read it.

For what it's worth, I don't believe I ever read anything the ANC wrote either. At least, not at the time. But I still knew Apartheid was wrong and that any form of retaliation by the ANC was a symptom of the problem, not the cause. We usually call that 'resistance.'

Meanwhile, I have been watching a pretty good speech by acclaimed American political scientist Norman Finkelstein, son of Jewish Holocaust survivors, during which he points out that, according to the tenets of the UN Charter itself, Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory is illegal, making the wall illegal also, that all of its wars have effectively been 'wars of choice' and therefore 'wars of aggression,' that the only difference between Hamas terrorism and Israeli terrorism is that the latter is considerably more effective and goes unpunished, and that targetting residential areas is akin to targetting civilians and unquestionably a war crime. BTW, he's not referring to the latest massacre, nor the one in 2012. He's referring to others that had occurred before, because this video was made in 2011. Finkelstein also agrees with Noam Chomsky that Palestinians were ethnically cleansed in 1948 and have the right of return under international law. He likens their cause to that of the Native Americans, and compares Israel's current actions to those of the Apartheid regime in SA (as did former US president Jimmy Carter).

Finkelstein in August: Here he states the recent bombardment of Palestine was in response to Fatah-Hamas unity, and its acceptance by much of the international community, notably the EU. He also states that Hamas has the right under international law to use armed force against an illegal occupation which, by virtue of its 47-year duration, has effectively become an annexation, and that Hamas' rockets are in fact nothing more than 'upgraded fireworks' while the Iron Dome is simply a hoax. Coming back to the question of prosecuting Israel for war crimes, Finkelstein predicted this would again be the sacrificial lamb if Israel was to be brought to the table on peace agreements - leaving Palestine the loser as always.

If they're good enough to play at World Cups, then why not in between?


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