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Re: Brexit

Sun, 07 May 2017, 20:26

Europes main enemy is not Russia. Russia is also Europe.
You are your own enemy.

Re: Brexit

Tue, 09 May 2017, 06:53

In Russia today is the Great Day!


Rarely, friends, we have to meet,
But when it happened,
Let us remember what happened and drink, as usual,
How in Russia is

Here we are together with the Leningrad family
He sits with us at the table
Recall how the Russian soldiers strength
The Germans skedaddle to the West!

Lets drink to those who winter cold
In the frozen lay dugouts,
He fought in the Ladoga, fought on the Volkhov,
Not retreating a single step!

Lets drink to those, then commanded companies,
Who froze in the snow,
Who in Leningrad made his way through the swamps,
Throat breaking the enemy!

Remember those who were killed under Sinyavino,
For all who died
Lets drink to our Motherland, drink to Stalin,
Lets drink and pour again!

Stand up and clink full of mugs,
Brotherhood of friends fighting
Lets drink to the courage of the fallen heroes, we,
Lets drink to a meeting of the living!
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