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Womens's World Sevens Series 2017-18

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Re: Womens's World Sevens Series 2017-18

Postby johnbirch » Tue, 05 Dec 2017, 19:50

Tuksrugby wrote:
ugrugbychiclet wrote:The women's pool games are not being shown by SuperSport that has the rights so the WR livestream is geoblocked (for most of us in Africa). Is there a facebook live stream/any other live stream somewhere so that we can watch today's games?

I only saw this post today, so it's a bit late... A tip for in the future...

Install Tor Browser. It connects through various servers that may located in countries where there is no geo-block. Change the settings in script block to allow scripts globally (The blue as at the right-hand top - They say "dangerous", but its only if you go to illegal websites).
If it is still blocked, then click the arrows next to the onion on the left and click on "New Tor Circuit for this site". Sometimes you have to do this few times (2 or 3), but it works...

Only just seen this. I have raised this with World Rugby several times and they have said, time and again, that if it is not being shown by the rights holder then it would be unblocked. This is happening more with Sky etc. in the UK, but clearly not in all areas.

Complain to World Rugby. Really make a fuss. Get other people to do so as well. Probably won't change in the short term (mid-tournament) but may do in the longer term.

If you can give me chapter and verse on this I will pass it one WR as it is unacceptable.

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Re: Womens's World Sevens Series 2017-18

Postby NedRugby » Wed, 06 Dec 2017, 22:52

Yeah, I couldn't get it in the Netherlands either. I didn't try too hard though.


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