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2021 Womens Rugby World Cup

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Re: 2021 Womens Rugby World Cup

Postby rey200 » Wed, 13 Jun 2018, 10:19

Maybe they just consider it to renounce two days before the start of the tournament?

Well this may be just another fun idea to promote something that doesn't exist somewhere. I don't think it's a good idea, and I really am thinking about what they are thinking. Wtf

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Re: 2021 Womens Rugby World Cup

Postby Gen Santa » Sat, 16 Jun 2018, 04:26

only reason it makes sense for portugal is if that nation tries promoting rugby in an unorthodox way... a country without a developed women's XV program

perhaps portugal will create an XV

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Re: 2021 Womens Rugby World Cup

Postby victorsra » Mon, 18 Jun 2018, 12:47

2021 must be in Oceania. All but one WRWC were in Europe... they need to change a bit, please.
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