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The Rugby Championship

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The Rugby Championship

Postby rampage » Thu, 14 Jan 2016, 00:02

One thing I like about the 6 Nations is that it isn't just the men's teams. In parallel to the 6 Nations, there is the women's 6 Nations and Under 20's 6 Nations.

What I was thinking about is why The Rugby Championship hasn't also brought this idea in.

Now, given the distances, it would be easier to run a 4-team 1 week competition. Given that Argentina's women's program is in hiatus, either Samoa or Japan could fill the fourth spot.

It would run in a week when one nations hosts consecutive games, and the host nation hosts their weekend home games as the curtain raiser to the Rugby Championship game.

Hosting rights would rotate between the three TRC nations (Australia, New Zealand & South Africa) in the non-WRWC years, and gets hosted earlier in the non-TRC nations home (Samoa/Japan) in WRWC years.

The main drawback is that NZ could see this tournament as beneath them, but they could use this tournament to blood new players. The other is, of course, the cost of running the tournament.

It could be a good idea - what does everyone think?

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Re: The Rugby Championship

Postby nick511 » Thu, 14 Jan 2016, 05:26

It's a good idea. But there are few problems. Firstly travel and funding is the major issue, the unions such as Australia and NZ only usually give limited money for Women's overseas tours. Such as last year where NZ only went to one tourny with Canada, USA and England. South Africa considers their program pretty much second class I mean they didn't even let their Women's sevens team go to the Olympics 'because they weren't going to be competitive'. As you mention Argentina's program is pretty much non-existent, even Australia is focusing on 7s more these days and they've never beaten NZ in an official match.

The Women's Six Nations has the luxury of having not to far to travel and being aligned with the men's and u20 6N. NZ definitely considers their rivals are north of the equator. But I guess they could send a development team or something. I think the NZ team is playing a series with England this year as I think they have agreements.

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Re: The Rugby Championship

Postby Canalina » Thu, 14 Jan 2016, 13:45

It's a good idea, the major obstacle is (as usual) the ratio between costs and interest. Before organizing a regular tournament they could start playing just some women matches per year, maybe as curtain raisers of the men's games.

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Re: The Rugby Championship

Postby thatrugbyguy » Wed, 27 Jan 2016, 01:19

How is it there is no women's program in Argentina?

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Re: The Rugby Championship

Postby victorsra » Wed, 27 Jan 2016, 17:01

Argentina women's rugby has a extremely low level. In sevens they have never beaten Brazil! Argentina has started women's XV development too, but the main issue is that almost none of the biggest clubs in the country support women's rugby. It is shameful in fact. They support the idea that "women should not play rugby, they should play hockey", as "rugby is not a sport for women". The most ridiculous thing is that their argument is "its our culture", another phrase for sexism. But when I say this to Argentines they complain that I am Brazilian and I don't understand their centenary rugby "culture".

In spite of this UAR is trying to move on with women's rugby. A good exception is Cardenales RC, from Tucumán, an important club in local rugby that is supporting women's rugby, but I know very little about these developments.
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Re: The Rugby Championship

Postby Raven » Wed, 08 Aug 2018, 10:30

It is an old post but gave it a read and things haven´t changed that much in the Womens rugby scene. Perhaps the gap between Australia and South Africa is a bit closer, but the Black Ferns are a step above the rest.

One thing that hasn´t changed for sure is the Argentine mentality towards women´s rugby. :(

victorsra wrote:In spite of this UAR is trying to move on with women's rugby. A good exception is Cardenales RC, from Tucumán, an important club in local rugby that is supporting women's rugby, but I know very little about these developments.

I think you can add La Plata Rugby Club from the Buenos Aires Rugby Union, quite a traditional club, that very well said they didn´t wanted women to play Field Hockey in their club because A) there´s enough hockey clubs women can join in the area if they want to practice the sport and B) they are a RUGBY CLUB 8-) nuff said!

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