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Draft Alternative 2019 Tipping

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Draft Alternative 2019 Tipping

Postby RugInt » Sun, 10 Feb 2019, 02:42

Greetings all
Following on from my suggested change in tipping last year I have worked out a draft system proposal to date. I'd like to keep it a draft for 2019 so that there is plenty of time to iron out bugs and to determine whether it is too complicated or not. The pointing out of my errors and what has been omitted is welcome.

I just need to know how to copy a landscape size excel spreadsheet from my PC onto this thread.

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Re: Draft Alternative 2019 Tipping

Postby NedRugby » Sun, 10 Feb 2019, 03:19

You could put it google sheets or some other cloud-based thing and just post a link.

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Re: Draft Alternative 2019 Tipping

Postby m.map » Sun, 10 Feb 2019, 09:33

I agree NedRugby, google sheets looks the only option :?

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