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Deaf Rugby

Postby victorsra » Fri, 09 Sep 2016, 21:51

Recently I was searching about deaf sports. As they are not part of the Paralympics - and it is easy to understand why, because there is no special physical needs - I was curious about how is the world of deaf sports.

And, yes, there is a whole world of Deaf Rugby, with the International Deaf Rugby Organisation formed in 1995 (IDRO) and the Deaf Rugby World Championship starting in 2002. It looks like some of Deaf Sports organizations have links with their main conventional organizations. For exemple, I know FIBA (the International Basketball Federation) supports the Deaf International Basketball Federation.

Does anyone knows if the International Deaf Rugby Organisation has any links with World Rugby? Sadly, IDRO's website (http://idro.20m.com) is inactive and I couldn't find it in Facebook.

Also, I simply couldn't find complete results of the Deaf Rugby World Championship. Is it still active?


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