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ARC Fantasy Rugby

Postby Tobar » Fri, 26 Jan 2018, 00:31

Hey guys, I had the idea of doing a fantasy rugby pool for the ARC coming up. I posted it on the MLR Reddit and since I'm lazy I'm just going to repost the entire thing here.

Let me know what you guys think, would be fun to get involved with you guys.


Hey y'all,

Just today I thought it'd be good to get into the fantasy rugby game with the ARC coming up. It'd be a great way to get some extra momentum behind these matches and if it works out we can get something together for the MLR season and make it a real competition. All of this would have to be the old fashioned way as ESPN unfortunately doesn't have Fantasy MLR. Jerks. Thankfully we still have some technology to make it a bit easier.

To be perfectly honest, I've never actually done Fantasy Rugby but have done other sports before. I signed up for the 6 Nations fantasy coming up and as I said before, would like to use the ARC fantasy as a tester for all of us and it'd be good to have some fun competition between us. u/Cardiffrcm is not allowed to play because he knows every single player in the Americas for some ungodly reason.

Here are the ESPN rules. We do not have to use these rules but this is what I got.


1. Start Match New for 2018 2

2. Substitute Appearance 1

3. Try (Forwards) 8

4. Try (Backs) 5

5. Assist (last pass or kick to the try scorer - as long the try scoring opportunity is created) 3

6. Penalty Kick or Conversion* 1

7. Drop Goal 1

8. Yellow Card -1

9. Red Card -2

10. Man of the Match 5

11. Every 5x Tackles Made Uncapped for 2018 1

12. 50 Meter carry (cumulative - capped at 1pt) 1

13. Line-out stolen 1

*Penalty kicks/conversions are assigned to a designated kicker

Also, ARC matches are being used as a tester 1. because of short notice but 2. because it's a bit difficult to get all these stats. We can adjust them accordingly for what is available from the ARC and whatever the unions feel like posting.

Let me know what y'all think!

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