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Re: 2019 RWC Legacy

Postby RugbyLiebe » Wed, 13 Nov 2019, 14:41

victorsra wrote:
RugbyLiebe wrote:
Return_of_BG_97 wrote:Mexico isn't too much of a pipe dream in this scenario. They beat Paraguay this year and their results against Colombia are more closer than in the past.

Yeah, but Paraguay or Colombia are purely amateur teams that would probably lose by a huge amount to all Rugby Europe Trophy teams (European 2nd division/3rd if you count the Cartel Nations). Great that rugby is growing, but when they get close results to Uruguay we can start talking about this not being a pipe dream.

I really doubt Colombia and Paraguay would lose to Lithuania or Ukraine. At least Colombia is probably the level of Switzerland and Poland.

In a perfect rugby world they would play each other more often, so we don't know, my money would still be on the European teams, but those could be exciting games. My point was basically not if they lose to all RET teams or not, but even if they would closely win against the "new" German side and the Netherlands, they would still not be close to anything.
How to grow rugby worldwide?
Look at the world ranking in July. Teams ranked 1-10 have to play one team from 11-20 (they don't play in a regular competition) away the next year. 11-20 play 21-30 away and so on. Yes, it really is that simple.


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