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Re: Rugby Video Game Campaign

Postby jservuk » Thu, 18 Jun 2020, 12:28

RugbyLiebe wrote:.
One of my favourite sports games was Sensible World of Soccer and, I don't know why, I played with Latvian or Estonian teams winning the Champions League.

I loved Sensible Soccer. Around early 1990s on the Commodore Amiga.
Even the original Football Manager on the ZX Spectrum around 1983 was great.
I played FIFA 08-10 with my kids and their generation loves it.

As for Rugby, judging by how dominant FIFA YY is due in a large part to it having all the naming rights the challenge for Rugby is more a commercial/contractual one. I also think the competition/rivalry from PES and FIFA helped both.

Also, marketing. Football has a ready made supply of fans of all ages. If a Rugby game of good enough quality was produced, how big would the market be? Do enough young kids follow Rugby enough in UK, France to justify the investment? Possibly, but given that there were games produced in the past, a decent take up would have generated the virtuous cycle of continued development and improvement year on year like we have with all other major sports games.

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Re: Rugby Video Game Campaign

Postby Canadian_Rugger » Thu, 18 Jun 2020, 15:11

vino_93 wrote:
RugbyLiebe wrote:
victorsra wrote:When I was a kid the soccer video games I liked the most were FIFA 97 and FIFA 98 that had indoor soccer as well and it was pretty cool.

Acctually indoor soccer was in the game as in Germany until 2001 there was an official DFB indoor-soccer-cup and especially in the 90ies those tournaments were really popular for a short period of time.

I think the main difference between the hockey leagues in NHL and leagues in rugby is, that they are at least semi-pro. Germany has 2 pro (DEL1+2) and 2 more semi-pro leagues on the third level (Oberliga Nord+Süd) in hockey. In the full-pro DEL2 there are actually three teams from towns with less than 20k (Bad Tölz, Crimmitschau, Weißwasser).
Rugby is not the slightest close to this. But still it would be really cool.

In the end it all comes down to the data base and that's World Rugby's job to create it. until then I fully agree with vino

NHL is only focusing on big pro leagues. Even ECHL is playing in great arenas, quite big cities, and more important, it's the last step of NHL system. Then all european leagues inside are huge pro leagues. Maybe Allsvenskan is a first step to a second string leagues, but it's a bit like Pro D2.
There's no DEL 2, no minor pro leagues (Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, France, UK, Belarus, Alps (Austria2/Italy/a few slovenian), Erste Liga (Hungary/Romania), Poland, ... all of these are fully pro and not in the game; neither DEL2, Mestis, NLB...).
Only amateur leagues are CHL divisions, which are very important for the scounting/prospect aspect of NHL. And which are quite popular in Canada, touching another market inside canadian population.

There's no way to compare T2 rugby leagues to major european ice hockey leagues ... no way. Even a league like DEL2 is more structured, and have more attraction, more fan support, than those T2 leagues. And it's still not in a video game.

No it's true and the reality is that Rugby is a niche sport with an incredibly small market. Other than England and France, it isn't exactly massively popular in any other powerful or large countries.

You look at Ice Hockey and it's massive in Canada, USA, Russia, Germany, Scandinavia and is quite popular in the rest of Europe as well. There are even professional teams and leagues in China and Japan. China even has a team in the KHL.

I think if Rugby wants a good video game, it will need to become massively more popular in bigger markets. Increasing popularity in Japan will do wonders but the USA is also a priority.

What I can't understand though is how Big Ben can put out Rugby League Live 4 which is a very good game and is closer to an EA Sports Game out of any Rugby game I've ever seen. Then they go ahead and release Rugby Rugby Challenge series which is absolute garbage.

Part of me thinks it's because NRL pays for part of the development of the RLL series and puts a lot more money in to it then comparable Rugby Union Competitions do.

This is strange considering how considerably more popular Union is compared to League.

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Re: Rugby Video Game Campaign

Postby thatrugbyguy » Fri, 19 Jun 2020, 03:07

Partly it's because rugby league is a much easier game to develop. Structurally speaking, it's not too dissimilar from Madden - play the ball, advance the ball to the goal line , get tackled, play the ball again. It's repetitive. Rugby on the other hand is a lot of more fluid because there's competition for the ball at every play, as well as their being different styles of play. So it's not difficult to see what a rugby league game could end up being a better overall game to play and develop.

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Re: Rugby Video Game Campaign

Postby ihateblazers » Tue, 11 Aug 2020, 05:06

The most important thing for gameplay IMO is to focus on the attractive/fun aspects of rugby union i.e running and movement of players, passing, and brutal contact/tackling. None of the games we have do that. The set pieces and rucks could be revamped with a.i simulation based on attributes and in game stats. You have a highly rated scrum you will most likely win the scrum, you have bad scrummagers and you will probably concede a penalty, it’s done quickly and swiftly not distracting from the rest of the game. Scrapping the mini games which are tedious and do not reflect the strengths of your players. I imagine it takes up a lot of time and investment to make these mini games which could be spent elsewhere. If they could replicate what rugby league live 4 has done with the core rugby mechanics and scale down the complicated parts it would be a step in the right direction.


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