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Impact of the pandemics on T2 club rugby

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Impact of the pandemics on T2 club rugby

Postby victorsra » Fri, 10 Jul 2020, 15:46

How is the impact of the pandemics on (amateur/semi-pro) club rugby in your countries? We are still to understand the impacts on the economy, of course, but it is already possible to talk about the risk of amateur clubs shutting down or things like this.

However, looks to the positive side, the pandemics offered an opportunity for people involved with T2 rugby to study more, talk more, and even to structure better long-term strategies for development. Talking about Brazil, a huge amount of online workshops were conducted by the Brazilian Rugby Union and the regional unions with clubs and the share of knowledge was bigger than ever. It sounds bizarre to say, but the pandemics helped a lot clubs here to breath and rethink. We ended 2019 pessimistic about the future of our rugby and now we have a positive sensation. This period might have put us on the right track, but we'll only know that with time.

What about other countries?
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Re: Impact of the pandemics on T2 club rugby

Postby Tobar » Sun, 12 Jul 2020, 16:06

Nothing has really changed in the US, not many workshops or anything as far as I’m concerned.

Colombia has been doing a ton of online learning sessions. Similar to Brazil, I think they’ve taken this time and realized that online video conference calls are actually feasible as they’ve become more familiar with them. It’s a great initiative.

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Re: Impact of the pandemics on T2 club rugby

Postby theDarky » Mon, 13 Jul 2020, 02:32

even if I come from a T1 country ... the news are, here, that the government prepares people to a second wave on September/October so all the amateur sport club are worried

Concerning Spain a T2 country, they begin to have the famous second wave in Catalonia.

I don't think the future is bright for the next year.

But amateur clubs can restart again (thinks about the second world war).

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