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Postby RugbyLiebe » Mon, 22 Jun 2020, 15:26

sk 88 wrote:
4N wrote:We will see what happens in terms of the autumn internationals this year but there’s chance Ireland will call him up so they don’t have to wait until Sep 2022 for him to be eligible again.

While he remains eligible to represent the Eagles, Salanoa will be qualified to play for Ireland in September on three-year residency. Assuming he is not selected before January 1, he would then be required to wait until September 2022 to play for Ireland under the new five-year criteria.

http://www.americasrugbynews.com/2020/0 ... ster-move/

I don't believe that is accurate. He will continue to remain eligible in the interim period, surely?

If he stays in Ireland, he stays illegible once he has that three years on his belt.
World Rugby’s Regulation 8 (3)
"They have lived in the country for 36 consecutive months (three years) to qualify on residency immediately before playing."

If he leaves for longer than that infamous 6 or 8 weeks per year, he's not eligible any more and the then 5 years count starts.
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