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The future of Italian Rugby

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Re: The future of Italian Rugby

Postby Canalina » Thu, 15 Oct 2020, 15:47

In this weekend the Italian season starts with the first day of Coppa Italia and the first day of women's Serie A

Saturday at 16 CET there are three Coppa Italia games
Viadana v Valorugby (live on www.facebook.com/rugbyviadana1970/)
Lazio v Calvisano (live on www.facebook.com/RugbyCalvisano/)
Petrarca v Colorno (live ?)
The fourth match, Lyons-Mogliano, was postponed due to covid.
Fiamme Oro and Rovigo rest in the first weekend

Out of seven fixed games (four men's and three women's) two have been postponed, this confirming the more or less 25% percentage of postponed games recorded in other European national championships


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