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2016 Olympics

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2016 Olympics

Postby victorsra » Mon, 22 Aug 2016, 18:30

Oh, I am surprised now that we haven't discussed other Olympics sports here...

Well, I found a nice article about Brazilian medalists: http://brasil.elpais.com/brasil/2016/08 ... 22889.html (in portuguese). It shows their family origins, saying that our 19 medals in the Olympics reflect the Brazilian miscigenation. Its interesting because our medals came from all kinds of sports: elitist ones, like Sailing, and popular ones, like Volleyball and football.

For exemple there are Rafaela Silva, from Judo, Robson Conceição, from Boxing, and Isaquias Queiroz, from Canoeing, that are the Black/Mixed Brazilian probably with mostly African but also Indigienous and maybe Portuguese backgrounds, Felpe Wu, Shooting, a Chinese-Brazilian whose greatparents came in late 19th century to Brazil, Poliana Okimoto, Water Marathon, Japanese-European-Brazilian, Alison Cerutti and Bruno Schmidt, fomo Beach Volleyball, clearly with Italian and German backsgrounds, or Marine Grael, Sailing, with Danish grandparents.

I think it was an American or British TV that was saying they simply coudn't understand why in the Opening Cerimony there was a moment where the actors celebrated Japanese and Arab (the current acting president of Brazil is Lebanese-Brazilian...) influences in Brazilian culture. Come on, what a lack of minimal knowledge! They should had researched.

BTW, it was Brazil's best Olympic campaign, 13th. Not bad, but a bit below what was promised by Brazilian Olympic Comitee.

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