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Alternative world rankings are 10 years old

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Alternative world rankings are 10 years old

Postby sjbret » Mon, 07 Oct 2019, 06:29

Six years and a half before the official World Rugby rankings, the first world women’s rugby rankings were created on october 2009, 7th by Serge. Without any other choice, Serge’s rankings even became in 2013 ScrumQueen’s, until the publication of the official classification in 2016.
http://les-archives-de-serge.over-blog. ... 07224.html

It would be stupid to say that this ranking is better than WR’s or the other way around. The calculation methods are completely different. Serge’s mainly take in account the match level, before the result, the score and the venue, with increasing developments for teams that regularly play, while WR only uses the result and the score, with a overall stability of the points after each game.
Explanations (french & english, men and women) : http://les-archives-de-serge.over-blog. ... 81530.html

Let’s see what John Birch said on his team blog on november 2009, 22nd :
John Birch wrote:Men's rugby has had official international rankings now for years. A fiendishly complex statistical calculation is used, but the result is something that supposedly removes all argument about who is better than who. It also arguably adds an extra spice to games, an extra encouragement to play internationals in order to move up the table. It cannot do any harm to a sport if you can show that your national team is in the top 10 or 20 in the world.
Women's rugby has no such ranking. There are all kinds of arguments why this would be, like there being fewer games, but many of the teams in the men's ranking hardly have a full fixture programme so the real reason is probably more a lack of interest or effort on the part of the IRB.
So it is interesting to see that a rugby enthusiast/statistician in France has now stepped in to the breach and produced a detailed ranking for all women's international teams - the first ever produced by anyone. The methodology is complex, and may be debatable at the margins, but the result is interesting and - considering we have a Frenchman giving an English team top billing! - unbiased. After yesterday's games the top ten are...
1 England 3963 points, 2 New Zealand 3928, 3 France 3625, 4 Canada 3612, 5 Wales 3449, 6 United States 3387, 7 Ireland 3340, 8 Scotland 3231, 9 Australia 3028, 10 Spain 2840
It is also interestingly the rankings are close (but not quite identical) to the IRB's seeding for the World Cup.
It is also interestingly the 2009 rankings are close to the 2019’s:
1 England 6189 points, 2 New Zealand 6167, 3 Canada 5977, 4 France 5976, 5 United States 5773, 6 Ireland 5480, 7 Wales 5432, 8 Italy 5363, 9 Australia 5344, 10 Scotland 5162, 11 Spain 4917, 12 South Africa 4590...
And ten years later, the Frenchman is still giving an English team top billing! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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