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WR may ban dudes with lipstick on from women's rugby

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Re: WR may ban dudes with lipstick on from women's rugby

Postby victorsra » Tue, 11 Aug 2020, 20:48

ugrugbychiclet wrote:
johnbirch wrote:There are male and female categories in almost every sport for a reason. And it works.

Pretending you can get around it with weight categoies etc. is a nonsense. Are you going to put male and female flyweight boxers against each other? No - because its more than weight. Its bone density and muscle mass and many other things.

I think the real trajedy here is that until all this blew up chances are that transexual people (especially post-operative) were playing rugby in their preferred categories and no-one noticed much or cared. But because of the outragious behaviour of probably a small number of (almost entirely male) campaigners, demanding that men can become women just by saying so and without any need to do anything else, the whole thing has got out of hand and WR have had to act.

And once they did that there really was no other decision possible. You do not make rules and laws that are okay for 80% of situations and the cross your fingers. WR could not assume that every transwoman would be a 5'6 and 8st. They have to legislate for the worst case scenario, like a 6'4" 18st prop who discovers his feminine side. With studies also showing that reducing testosterone has little or no effect there is really no other way if you want to maintain a women's caregory in the sport.

Does that mean that transwomen cannot play rugby? No - but they will have to play with men. Is that fair? No - but it is not World Rugby's fault. The trans-campaigners and the "a woman is anyone who says they are a woman" have destroyed it for everyone. And it is a trajedy for trans people who may have been playing for years but may now have to stop.

Spot on!

Maybe this is basic the failure of a sick world that doesn't accept gays and trans as people like anyone else. If trans people had nothing to fear about joining a men's team, we wouldn't be discussing nothing of this.

What will probably happen is that in T1 countries they'll join LGBT clubs and play IGR-backed competitions, if they are lucky to have a LGBT club in their cities, and in competitions not organized by the official national union. As IGR is backed by WR now, probably WR's solution will give them power to decide about this issue.


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