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New Zealanders to vote on whether to change flag

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Re: New Zealanders to vote on whether to change flag

Postby YamahaKiwi » Sat, 09 Apr 2016, 06:46

One of the whole reasons for the debate and referendum was that the country has substantially changed from what it was even in 1940, let alone 1914 or before. The reason given in an editorial that we weren't changing our constitution so therefore we shouldn't change our flag is a complete red herring. There is nothing that says you have to do one to also do the other (though of course I don't disagree that changing one could be a good time to possibly change the other) The biggest reason I want a change is precisely because I don't think the current flag represents this country as it now is. My great-great grandparents were from England and no doubt they, and my great grandparents thought of themselves as English. I'm a 5th generation NZer (both sides of my family were amongst the earliest post-1840 wave of immigrants). I'm not English (nothing against them), and NZ is no longer a "Little Britain". I certainly hope in my lifetime we see the removal of the union jack from our flag. it just isn't relevant anymore to our country IMO. And it has nothing to do with our relationship with the British crown and Commonwealth. Canada changed theirs 50 odd years ago and remain with both of the afore-mentioned as part of their country's furniture.


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